Gwenyth Fugard’s mixed media works are visceral, physical and gestural. In her work there is a violent and sensual bringing together of processes using paint and fabric in collision. The violence lies in the very physical process of folding, stitching, scratching, tearing and puncturing of surfaces. Her practice places importance on the process and methodology of painting, with her preferred medium’s essential ingredients being colour and surface. Most paintings consist of one colour, with a spectrum of similar tones within a pared-down palette. A surprise of contrasting colour is positioned to disrupt and activate the surface, which is constructed with layers of textile and heavily applied oil paint.

Absent of any obvious narrative or comment on external worldly matters, the works present a visual language of marks and punctuations which reappear and characterise the works. There is evidence of an assertion and discipline applied along with attempted control when layering the fragile textiles and application of paints, whilst other areas of the composition are left free to be without direction. Division and disruption leave borders and the peripheries open, emphasising the five surfaces of the work. Oscillating between excess and restraint, the works present an altered state, whilst honouring the formal traditions of non-representational and abstract painting. The works operate as self-contained worlds, exposing of the process of their making. 

Lives and works in London

British / New Zealand

2019Koppel Project Event, ‘Gestura’, group show
Lisa Norris Gallery, London, ‘Painting with Thread’, group show
Unit 1 Gallery, London, ‘Editions Show’, group show
Lisa Norris Gallery, ‘Four in Focus’, group show
2018Herrick Gallery, London, group show
Lisa Norris Gallery, London, winter group show
     Unit 1 Gallery, London, ‘Radical Residency II’, Group Show
    Roaming Room Gallery, London, Collaboration 5, ‘The Hand of the Artist’, group show
    Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, ‘Exceptional Art Award’, group show
    Lisa Norris Gallery, London, ‘Accidental Beauty’, solo show
2017    North House Gallery, Manningtree, Essex, Summer exhibition,
group show
2016     Lisa Norris Gallery, London, ‘Stratum’, group show 
  Lisa Norris Gallery, London, ‘Monochromatic’, group show
2015     Roaming Room Gallery, London, ‘Collaborators 4’, group show
    Lisa Norris Gallery, London, ‘Illusionary Spaces’, Solo Show
2014NOA, Somerset House, London
Lisa Norris Gallery, London, group Show

‘Signature Art Prize Exhibition’, Degree Art, Vyner Street,
2013‘Rising Stars’, Coombe Gallery, Dartmouth, Devon
2018Radical Residency II, Unit 1 Gallery, London
2018Exceptional Award, Collyer Bristow, Finalist
2017The Tony Carter Award, City & Guilds of London Art School
2014NOA Finalist
Winner, ‘Signature Art Prize’, London (painting category)
Long listed for Griffin Art Prize, London
2013Clyde & Co Art Award, London
2016 – 2017City and Guilds of London Art School
2008 – 2013Central Saint Martins School of Fine Arts